Schedule of Fees

Fees Amount
Payments made in store through an epay retailer (minimum top up of $10.00 is required) $0.75 per transaction
Payments made by credit or debit card online (Includes recurring and automatic payments) 1.5%
Payments made by Account2Account 1.5%
Card Administration Fee $3.00
Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Electricity reconnection Free
Electricity after hours reconnection* Free 
Refund Fee  $20.00

Special Disconnection Request

Debt Administration Fee  15% of the debt collected
Special or Final read $25.00
Customer site visit $60.00
Electricity Capacity Upgrade or Downgrade $140.00
Metering or inspection call out (per visit and includes meter change, relocation, inspection, and test) Up to $140.00
Lost Asset Fee  As quoted
Debt collection All costs
New connection or livening From $95.00*

Daily fixed charge will still apply when your electricity has been suspended for any reason. See your price plan for details. 

(varies depending on your local lines company and Price Plan. Please contact us for more information)

See your Price Plan
Fixed charges will apply until your account is finalised.**

The above fees may be adjusted in accordance with your Product Schedule.

All fees are GST inclusive (unless otherwise specified) and are in New Zealand Dollars.

A combination of charges may apply to individual tasks.

A 1.5% credit card surcharge will be charged and added to payments made by credit card. This applies to MasterCard and Visa. Credit card surcharge will be taken at time of payment and not appear on your bill. 

A 1.5% Transaction Fee applies to all payments made by Account2Account bank transfer. 

*If your disconnection or reconnection fee is going to exceed this we will make contact with you.

**The account holder must notify us to finalise their Account. Otherwise the Account will be finalised 5 days after the supply has been suspended.