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Outages, Faults and Emergencies

Outages and Faults 

There are several reasons why your power or hot water can go out (Other than if you have a $0.00 balance). Remember to always be prepared and to check on your family and neighbours. Here is what to do if an outage or fault does occur:

  1. Check if there is an outage with your local lines network. If you are unsure who your local lines company is click here.
  2. If the outage is not known, please contact our faults line on 0800 785 733 - Press 1. 

If you or someone in your home, are dependent on electricity for critical medial support, and the disconnection of electricity may result in a loss of life or serious harm, it is advisable that you do not join this plan.  


Power outages can be caused by bad weather. Follow the steps above if your power does go out. Once you have notified your local lines network of a job, please keep the phone lines open. 

You can view some helpful tips on how to be prepared for a storm here.

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Who to call if your power goes out?

Firstly check that you have over $10.00 on your Pulse Lifestyle Account.

We then advise you to contact your local lines network. If you are unsure who your local lines network is, click here.

What to do in an electrical accident?

  1. If someone experiences an electric shock, make sure you turn off the electricity source before you touch them.
    • If you can't turn the power off, use a non-conductive material (eg. piece of wood) to separate them from the power source. 
  2. Call 111 immediately.
  3. If they have stopped breathing, apply CPR.
  4. If they have been burnt, apply cold water. If the burns are severe, call 111.